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Southern Living

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Southern Living is a magazine that features the best of the south.  The topics that they feature can be things like food, homes and gardens. Although what I will be discussing is the homes portions of the magazine.  Jim Wilson has been featured in this magazine for a design renovation in Nashville Tennessee.  The homes in Southern Living is known as the best in the south.  When I say southern styled, it is not like rinky dinky all of these gorgeous houses have southern touches and elements. These house in my opinion are very beautiful.  They are creatively and beautifully designed, yet they all originate to simple southern basic touches.  If you want to add these southern touches, Southern Living is very good at giving you helpful ideas to style up any where in your house.  Even if you are not going for a totally southern style, they still have many excellent tips for general home improvement.




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LEED or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design is an organization that pushes people to design their building to operate and to be more environmentally friendly. When someone is verified by LEED, this means they are capable of designing a green building. When a building is LEED verified, this mean that it meets the LEEDS many criterias and standards. Some projects require the architect and the building to be LEEDs certified. Some of the main criteria for LEED to verify you is that they encourage you to think of  strategies that minimize the impact on ecosystems and water resources. They also wish that you promote smarter use of water, inside and out, to reduce potable water consumption. Promoting  better building energy performance through innovative strategies and using sustainable building materials and reducing waste are also a few of the main credentials. The last main criteria is that better indoor air quality and access to daylight and views. There are other credentials that they think are also important that you can find on this page. There are many pros and cons in my opinion to getting your building LEEd certified. One of the pros is that your building is environmentally friendly and that it helps the environment. It also looks a lot better if the Architects or the building is recognized by LEED. Though when trying to design  a building that meets all of those criterias it can become difficult. This can cause the building to take longer since more time and thought has to be put into the design. Sometimes, designing a LEED building can save you money but other times take a lot of money to design the building to meet Leed standards.

New Falcons Stadium


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Atlanta has approved that 360 Architecture will design the new Falcons Stadium.  Some of their projects include the New Meadowlands Stadium for the NFL Giants/Jets, and the Oakland A’s Cisco Field. The plan for the stadium is for it to be finished by the 2017 season. Although the new stadium is home to the Atlanta Falcons, it  will also be used for other sports and convention and entertainment events currently held at the Georgia Dome and other new marquee events that could be hosted in the future. This new stadium is also estimated to cost 950 million dollars. The new location for this stadium is also just south of the Georgia Dome so it will not be too drastic of  a change. This new sporting venue also has a very cool new design concept to it. The buildings design concept looks like a giant metal origami flower. To learn more and see pictures you can go to the falcons new site.

The New Braves Stadium


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What we know for the new braves stadium is that first Cobb County has gotten HKS Architects of Dallas, Texas to design the Brave’s new ballpark. Construction will start in 2014 and the new staduim will  be open in time for the 2017 season. HKS Architects have designed stadiums for the Dallas Cowboys and Indianapolis Colts football teams. The new stadium will sit at the intersection of Interstates 75 and 285 in Cobb County. The new venue will seat 41,000 to 42,000 fans, which is slightly less than the 49,500 seats Turner Field is currently holding. The stadium will take up 15 acres of a 60 acre site that will feature ample parking and plenty of mixed-use development, everything from retail to hotels.The venue caters to vehicle traffic, with parking and no light rail service.The Atlanta Braves will also be selling the naming rights for their new stadium.