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LEED or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design is an organization that pushes people to design their building to operate and to be more environmentally friendly. When someone is verified by LEED, this means they are capable of designing a green building. When a building is LEED verified, this mean that it meets the LEEDS many criterias and standards. Some projects require the architect and the building to be LEEDs certified. Some of the main criteria for LEED to verify you is that they encourage you to think of  strategies that minimize the impact on ecosystems and water resources. They also wish that you promote smarter use of water, inside and out, to reduce potable water consumption. Promoting  better building energy performance through innovative strategies and using sustainable building materials and reducing waste are also a few of the main credentials. The last main criteria is that better indoor air quality and access to daylight and views. There are other credentials that they think are also important that you can find on this page. There are many pros and cons in my opinion to getting your building LEEd certified. One of the pros is that your building is environmentally friendly and that it helps the environment. It also looks a lot better if the Architects or the building is recognized by LEED. Though when trying to design  a building that meets all of those criterias it can become difficult. This can cause the building to take longer since more time and thought has to be put into the design. Sometimes, designing a LEED building can save you money but other times take a lot of money to design the building to meet Leed standards.


Inspiring Architects


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One of Jim Wilson’s favorite Architect is  Peter Eisenman. When Jim Wilson was younger he used to work for Eisenman.  Eisenman works with a lot of different shapes to make buildings look very modern and artistic.  Jim Wilson also worked for  Machado and Silvetii and they have also inspired him. They also do a lot of modern and interesting  architecture.  Alvaro Siza is also a favorite.  Alvaro Siza is an Architect from Portugal and does very nice work. Lastly, there is Rafael Moneo from Spain. While Jim Wilson worked  in Boston, he got to meet Rafael since he  was the Dean of Harvard. Moneo took Jim Wilson and some others and he showed them some of his buildings. His buildings like many other architects are unique and have an urban feel to them.  Jim Wilson really enjoyed meeting and talking to Rafael Moneo and was an experience he will never forget.


Out Sourcing Jobs

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Many Companies outsource jobs but when companies outsource jobs to different places it hurts the locals. Similar to anything this idea of outsourcing happens with architecture too.  When big Companies or Industries in Atlanta want someone to design a new facility they usually outsource the job to a bigger architectural firms . This hurts the smaller but local firms in the area. The smaller firms only get small jobs which are not enough to support the firm and help it get bigger. Though the big companies response is there are not any good architects in the local area. That though is the problem. Companies will not put trust in their local firms for even the smallest of projects. This is why the Architecture firms in our local community do not grow because they do not receive theses jobs from bigger and higher paying companies. We need to start putting more faith into the smaller firms so that Atlanta can grow together and support each other