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Jim Wilson does many projects for the University of Georgia.  However, one of the buildings he is designing has caused some controversy.  Jim Wilson was asked to design a fraternity house for the Sigmathi fraternity.  Most of the fraternities for the University of Georgia are located on Fraternity Row. However, Sigamathi did not want to have their house on Fraternity Row so they obtained property in a local neighborhood in Athens. Like any other residential neighborhood not wanting fraternity in their neighborhood they fought to keep Sigamathi out of their neighborhood. This caused many conflicts for Wilson & Dawson because of all the negotiations with existing neighbors.  After many negotiations, the neighborhood ended up winning and the Sigamathi was not allowed to have their fraternity in the neighborhood.   Even though they lost the property in the neighborhood,  they were able to achieve a spot located in the downtown area of Athens. This resulted in a good ending and Wilson & Dawson Architects was able to start designing and renovating an existing building to house the Sigamathi Fraternity.