Inspiring Architects


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One of Jim Wilson’s favorite Architect is  Peter Eisenman. When Jim Wilson was younger he used to work for Eisenman.  Eisenman works with a lot of different shapes to make buildings look very modern and artistic.  Jim Wilson also worked for  Machado and Silvetii and they have also inspired him. They also do a lot of modern and interesting  architecture.  Alvaro Siza is also a favorite.  Alvaro Siza is an Architect from Portugal and does very nice work. Lastly, there is Rafael Moneo from Spain. While Jim Wilson worked  in Boston, he got to meet Rafael since he  was the Dean of Harvard. Moneo took Jim Wilson and some others and he showed them some of his buildings. His buildings like many other architects are unique and have an urban feel to them.  Jim Wilson really enjoyed meeting and talking to Rafael Moneo and was an experience he will never forget.



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