Whats Wrong With Turner Field ?

Turner Filed
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 There is nothing wrong with Turner Field so why do they have to move it and build a new stadium for the Atlanta Braves. Turner  field is about to be twenty years old and many people say that there are problems with it and that its too old for a stadium. They think people  do not want to attend because it is so old and they are worried about the attendance . Though look at Fenway Park, that field is over one hundred years old.  People go to Fenway  because they love their team and it is a tradition.  Also the Turner Field  is where the Olympics were held so they are also getting rid of an historical  piece of Atlanta. Another thing is they have now  created loads of traffic in Cobb County when the stadium is moved there. Everyone uses one main highway road  to get to Cobb County and there is not a subway or underground train so there will be a significant increase in traffic where a lot of people live. It is also really bad for the city of Atlanta to have things go to the suburbs because that show big cities crumble. When things start leaving the city tourist do not want to go there any more things get worse and it turns into a ghost town.


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